EFT: Logic or Emotion?

Have you ever felt the frustration of knowing something logically, but not being able to feel congruent with it emotionally?

For example, "Logically I don't need to be afraid of giving that speech next Tuesday, but emotionally I'm scared." Or, "Logically I know I should let go of what Betsy said, but emotionally I still resent it." Or, "Logically, what is bothering me happened a long time ago, and I shouldn't be letting it still bother me emotionally."

This kind of incongruence is common when the logical and emotional parts of our brain are not in sync about an issue. Fortunately, EFT is wonderful for solving this kind of dilemma. It's great for getting the two parts of the brain to talk to each other and finally come to peace!


The Key to Making EFT Simple!

In some ways EFT is so simple: Select a target and tap. Don’t choose too big of a target, smaller is better. Tap until, on a scale of 0-10, you are at a 0.

It gets complicated by thinking that you have to tap a different way for different problems. You actually don’t. You tap in the same way whether you are dealing with emotional trauma, a head cold, or you are mad at Jerry about what he said to you. The principles of effective tapping remain the same, no matter what the target is.

Clear Your Future of Negative Emotions

When you imagine the future are there any upcoming events that bring up negative emotions?

While EFT is often used to reduce the negative feelings associated with a past memory it can also be used to improve feelings regarding an upcoming event. Recently a client was feeling inadequate, unprepared, and anxious about an upcoming meeting. She was going to ask the person she was meeting with for some help envisioning a career change. When she imagined the future meeting she experienced feelings of awkwardness, discomfort and a sense that it was likely she wouldn’t be successful in achieving her goal.

We used EFT to "aim" at what she imagined, taking it apart emotionally until she could no longer imagine being unsuccessful. In fact, excitement replaced the negative emotions to such an extent that she couldn’t wait to arrive at the meeting to have the conversation!


EFT Could Be Your Answer

When we get really busy (like during the holiday season) it's easy to slack some on taking care of ourselves. But that's when we need it most.

Remember that tapping could be your answer over the holidays as it has been known to help with issues such as:
    • Mood
    • Cravings
    • Stressful relatives
    • Financial worries
    • Bodily aches and pains
    • And a variety of other issues


When You Look Into the Future How Do You Feel?

When you look into the future how do you feel?

It's a big question, I know. And, an important one. 

The answer depends on what part of the future you are thinking about. If you contemplate something joyful on the horizon you feel joy. If you contemplate something you are going to have to do but you feel inadequate to the task you feel anxious or nervous. If you think about having to confront someone who has lied you feel anger or disappointment. These events are not even happening except in your mind, yet you feel the emotions in the present as if the future was now.