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EFT Certification

If you are interested in becoming certified in EFT I suggest that you first consider the three main certifying bodies and select the one that is the best fit for you. They each have different requirements.

1. Gold Standard EFT™ Certification: Tina Craig, daughter of EFT Founder Gary Craig and co-author of the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial. I feel that my best training in EFT came from Gary and Tina Craig and I will be forever grateful to the two of them for giving me the level of skills I have. For information visit https://www.eftcertification.com/practitioners.html

2. AAMET International: An international association of EFT practitioners and trainers. I am a trainer for AAMET and am providing training however am not currently taking people through the certification process (please see details below). For information visit https://aametinternational.org

3. ACEP: Energy psychology association (EFT and other energy modalities). For information visit http://www.energypsych.org


About AAMET EFT Certification

Important Note: While I am still teaching AAMET EFT Level 1 and Level 2, due to other projects I am working on, I am not currently taking new candidates through the certification process. If you take my training you can still become certified by working with any of the other AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Trainers who are located in the United States and worldwide. Generally location is not an obstacle as, other than attending the training, the certification process can be completed regardless of the distance between you and your trainer.

Kay Christopher, an Accredited and Certified EFT Master Trainer, offers mentoring towards EFT Certification through the Association for the Advancement of Energy Techniques International (AAMET).

Who can benefit from EFT Training?

• Individuals with an interest in using EFT for self-care
• Psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and all mental health professionals
• Medical professionals
• Academic professionals
• Complementary therapists of all kinds
• Teachers and educators
• Life coaches and business coaches
• Body workers (massage therapists, etc.)
• Individuals who work with animals
• Artists, writers and musicians
• Anyone interested in personal, professional or spiritual development

Simply taking EFT Level 1 and/or EFT Level 2 Training provides enough knowledge to use EFT on yourself. However, to begin to use EFT in a professional capacity certification is highly recommended.

The certification process includes:

• Taking EFT Level 1 & EFT Level 2 Trainings & receiving a certificate of attendance for both (must be in attendance for the entire training) • Becoming a member of AAMET
• Taking the
AAMET online EFT Exam which covers EFT Levels 1 & 2 (you must have already become a member of AAMET to be able to take the EFT Exam); passing the exam with a score of 80% or better (you are allowed up to 3 attempts for one fee) will provide you with EFT Practitioner "Candidate" status
• Working with a mentor to complete the rest of the requirements

These additional requirements include, at minimum:

• Signing AAMET Code of Conduct & Ethics Affidavit (Affidavit is provided to certification candidates by mentor)
• Ethics training
• 6 hours
minimum of mentoring (the number of hours varies depending on the candidate's knowledge and skill level)
• 6 hours minimum additional study of EFT
• Minimum of 50 practice hours of 45 minutes or longer with at least 20 different people
• Submitting minimum of 4 case studies (video is required, written /audio may also be options; Case Study Guidance Manual is provided)
• Submitting one self-work EFT study 
• Optional repeat attendance at EFT Levels 1 & 2 at a reduced rate (this is strongly encouraged as you will learn a lot the second time around)
• Verification by your mentor that all competencies have been met

Candidates will meet the necessary criteria to achieve EFT Practitioner certification within 12 months from receiving their Attendance Certificate for EFT Level 2 or the candidate may be a asked to sit in on a refresher course to bring their competency skills up to date. If a candidate is having difficulty obtaining the competencies they may also be asked to take the EFT training(s) again. In both cases the repeat course would be at a reduced rate.

Mentoring fees are $160 per hour for sessions, case study review, and any additional mentoring that may be required.

As a candidate you are encouraged to maintain a record of your EFT qualifications, achievements, Continuing Personal Development or CPD hours (similar to Continuing Education Credits or CEUs but somewhat more flexible), and mentoring hours. After becoming certified in EFT to maintain your membership you must fulfill additional annual CPD hours and mentoring requirements and you are required to report these to the AAMET website before you can renew each year. After becoming certified you are eligible to upgrade your member status on the AAMET website (annual fee required).

For additional information please take a look at the AAMET Training & Certification Programme Overview.
Training Programme Overview 2016

If you have questions, would like further information or are interested in applying please
contact Kay Christopher