What's a "One Minute Wonder"?
by Kay Christopher, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner & EFT Master Trainer

I'd like to bring some clarity to setting reasonable expectations regarding EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) because this is an area that sometimes causes problems for people. You may have noticed that some websites that are marketing EFT (tapping) focus only on stories where tapping resolved a significant problem quickly and completely, with the result seeming almost miraculous. These appear as instantaneous successes.

EFT Founder Gary Craig calls these One Minute Wonders. They do happen sometimes but they are more the exception than the rule and they actually represent only a small percentage of cases. However, they are used to promote EFT and thereby create unreasonable expectations. Then, when people try EFT and they don't experience a One Minute Wonder, they think either EFT doesn't work or they have done something wrong. Some people give up tapping when this happens, feeling very disappointed in the process. With more realistic expectations this can be avoided.

Do One Minute Wonders actually happen? Yes. I have seen them many times since I started using EFT with clients in 2006. I have also experienced them myself. Do they happen all the time? Most definitely not. Can we predict ahead of time when they are going to happen? Unfortunately, no. Can we increase the likelihood that one might happen? I think so, by learning the skills that improve the quality of results. But even so, they are random events.

While a One Minute Wonder can potentially happen to anyone, I have noticed that they seem more common when working with babies, children, animals, and also with issues don't have lots of layers and complexity. However, they definitely also happen with adults, and even in cases that are complex or where the issue has gone on for years and years. I have witnessed them happening in quite a few of those kinds of cases, as well.

Please understand that, while EFT is typically faster at resolving issues than more conventional approaches, it may take time and patience to resolve the emotions, gain the mental clarity and achieve the improvements in the body's ability to heal itself that EFT is known for. Realize many issues have multiple layers, and that with each layer you resolve you are likely to experience some benefits. They may be more subtle than a One Minute Wonder, but you will probably notice favorable changes after tapping if you are observant.
And, when issues don't resolve quickly that is an opportunity to ask questions and go a little deeper into what needs to be addressed and resolved.

You may or may not experience a One Minute Wonder. But having realistic expectations, being patient, and appreciating the power of ongoing, incremental improvements from tapping sessions can lead to an overall feeling of success with EFT.

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