EFT Training in Austin, Texas

EFT Level 2 Training
"Refining Your EFT Skills"

Select one two-day training Austin, TX:

• June 6-7, 2015 (Sat & Sun)
• November 21-22, 2015 (Sat & Sun)

Would you like to refine your EFT skills for your own personal use?
Would you like to become skilled at using EFT with others?
Are you interested in being able to get to core issues?

In this Level 2 EFT Training you will go beyond the basics and move into practicing the "art" of EFT. You will explore methods for more quickly finding core issues and recognizing the reasons why you may not be getting better results. You will learn how to: work gently with emotional issues, use EFT to address the emotional causes of illness, deal with emotions that may be causing physical pain, reduce fears, identify limiting beliefs, use EFT with children, effectively perform surrogate EFT, use EFT over the phone/computer, how to deliver EFT tor groups and use Borrowing Benefits,how to use spiritual language with EFT and more. This is a workshop is experiential and allows plenty of time for practicing and getting your questions answered. You will expand your knowledge of how to do EFT, experience using various techniques, and improve your ability to use EFT for your benefit and also for the benefit of friends, family, clients and/or patients.

This EFT Level 2 Training expands upon and deepens what you learned in EFT Level 1. It is experiential so you will be able to directly enhance your EFT skills. In addition you will learn:

• Ways to find core issues
• How to approach issues with gentleness while still maximizing effectiveness
• How to "find the right words" for the Setup and tapping procedure tol get improved results
• The distinction between "mechanical" EFT and the "art" of EFT
• How to test your work and how to determine how effective you have been with EFT
• How to address physical issues including pain and chronic issues
• How to change the "writing on your walls"
• How to use affirmations and collapse tail enders with EFT
• EFT Ethics
• Developing your listening skills
• The Anatomy of Emotional Issues
• How to identify limiting beliefs
• What to do if a client doesn't "accept" themselves
• Preframes and reframes
• How to find a good target for EFT
• How to "be specific"
• The Tearless Trauma Technique
• The Chasing the Pain Technique
• How to Sneak Up on the Problem
• The Tell the Story Technique
• The Movie Technique
• The Choices Method
• What science tells us about how EFT works
• What EFT can do for PTSD and what research is telling about EFT's effectiveness
• Methods for improving results in your own Personal Peace Procedure sessions
• How to do EFT sessions by telephone/Skype
• How to deliver EFT in Groups and how to deliver instructions for Borrowing Benefits
• How to avoiding getting in over your head and what to do if this should happen
• How to do surrogate tapping, even in cases that are complex
• How to use EFT with children and animals
• Spiritual EFT

I (Kay Christopher, Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer) will be your guide as you learn how to use EFT and increase your skills through practical application. (Details about my certifications and experience are below.)

Training Schedule
Saturday & Sunday, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Please arrive no later than 8:50 AM)

EFT-Austin.com office at 3006 Bee Caves Rd., Suite A-200, Austin, TX 78716

(If you have already taken EFT Level 2 from Kay Christopher and would like to take it again you are eligible for the Repeat Students rate of half price.)
TO REGISTER: See bottom of this page

Training location is near the intersection of Loop 1 (Mopac) and 2244 (Bee Caves Rd). Here is a list of hotels and here is a map of hotels.

Prerequisite: EFT Level 1 Training
Important Note: If you did not take Level 1 from Kay Christopher please contact her before registering for this Level 2 course so she can verify whether you have the needed prerequisites for taking this course. If verification is not possible you will need to take Kay’s Level 1 prior to taking Level 2. This is to ensure you have all of the knowledge contained in this course as well as to ensure that everyone who begins a Level 2 class starts out together with the same knowledge base.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Refunds for this Training will be made if received in writing (preferably by email) according to the details below. Refunds will not be made in the case of absence. PayPal refunds will be made through PayPal. Refunds on personal checks may take up to 6 weeks for processing. Refund will be given according to the following guidelines prior to the starting date of the training event:
• 14 days notice (or more): 100% refund less an administrative fee of $25.
• 7-13 days notice: 50% refund.
• Less than 7 days notice: 25% refund.

Contact Kay Christopher at (512)358-0770 or send an email

Participant Comments

• I loved this training! Kay was great—her knowledge, generosity and suggestions for practical applications were inspiring. Thank you!

• Your training was excellent—complete, concise, in a structured order, but you were so helpful with each participant. I'm honored to be here and to have met you. Thank you!

• Your training has made a huge difference in my understanding of the tools necessary to be effective and your many examples are like a compass to lead me through the dense forest. Now, after using EFT as you have shown me, I more fully understand the importance of practicing and using all the resources you and Gary Craig have provided. Thanks for sharing your time and yourself with this course.

• It's been my privilege to observe the energy in a room full of EFT participants change to a higher vibrational frequency as a result of your down-to-earth connection with each person as a valued and important human being.

• Thank you, Kay. You have passed the baton—now it's up to me to run with it!

• Great info and practice. Your easy spirit with EFT brings "possibility" for anyone who experiences EFT with you.

• Kay is awesome. She is very thorough and passionate about her work and helping people.

• Thank you for the excellent training—the insights, the demos, everything!

• Really wonderful training! Thanks!!!

About Kay Christopher
Certified EFT Practitioner (ACEP, EFT Universe, AAMET), EFT Trainer (AAMET), and Pastoral Counselor

Kay Christopher is an experienced, full time Certified EFT Practitioner and Licensed Pastoral Therapist based in Austin, Texas. She has been practicing and teaching EFT full time since 2006. She practices only Gold Standard EFT, the official EFT taught by EFT Founder Gary Craig, because it produces far superior results. She is one of only a handful of people in the world to be certified in EFT by Tina Craig and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Kay has also been certified as a practitioner by EFT Universe and the Association for the Advancement of Energy Meridian Techniques International (AAMET). She is also an Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer with AAMET. She is a pastoral counselor with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person and an expert in stress management. She has been a psychotherapist and hosted a television program for seven years interviewing leaders in health and social change. She has over 30 years combined experience practicing psychotherapy, coaching, pastoral counseling, and EFT. Call or
email her for more information about the power of EFT to help you achieve your goals.
More about Kay Christopher.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will receive top quality EFT training. However, if you find that by the lunch break on the first day that you are not satisfied with this training, have decided to leave for that reason, and tell me this at the lunch break or before, I will be happy to provide you with a full refund.


EFT Level 2 Training - June 6-7, 2015

EFT Level 2 Training - Nov 21-22, 2015