Clarification About Tapping on Specifics
by Kay Christopher, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner & Trainer

Am sitting here at my desk, wanting to communicate something to you about EFT that is really important.

One of the points that Gary Craig hammered on time and time again is the issue of tapping on specifics with EFT. Although I also talk about this a lot, I have come to understand why Gary said it over and over. Although the principle is very simple, people tend to miss this over and over again. So am going to revisit this in hopes that, if you have not understood this concept thoroughly, you will understand it better after reading this.

The #1 reason EFT doesn't seem to work, and also the reason issues seem either worse or still unresolved after tapping is that people tend to be too global in their tapping target. When we talk about tapping on a "specific" the easiest way to select something is to find a moment in time that is disturbing—a “specific event”. Maybe something happened and it took 20 minutes for the whole event to occur. Find the most intense few seconds or minute within those 20 minutes. Rate it using the SUD zero to ten scale. And then tap it to zero.

Along the way you will probably run across multiple "aspects" or pieces of experience. Sometimes there are just a few, sometimes there are many. Now and then you'll find something collapses immediately and so there is no need to tap on multiple aspects. But generally, within that few seconds or minute, there will be multiple aspects.

These aspects may be different emotions, they may be different things that happened within that very short time frame, they may be thoughts, and they may be sensory experiences. Don't worry about this part too much if this paragraph is confusing. Main thing is to find a very focused, specific target, measure it, and tap to zero.

People think that being so specific means that they are never going to get anywhere with their tapping because they have so many specific events to tap on. But, keep in mind the "generalization effect" which allows the transformation that occurs in regard to a single specific event to bring about an improvement on a larger scale. Everything that we need to resolve is connected, kind of like a spider web. And as we select a priority specific event, tap on it and collapse it, we affect the whole web to some extent. Tapping in this way over time, people generally start to notice an overall improvement in the quality of their life experience because their energy system is working better.

Hope your tapping is going well. If you have questions about this or would like to schedule a session
let me know.

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