EFT Personal Peace Procedure
by Kay Christopher, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner & EFT Master Trainer

The Personal Peace Procedure is a process created by EFT Founder Gary Craig who wrote: “Properly understood, this technique should be the healing centerpiece for every person on earth. Every physician, therapist, spiritual counselor and personal performance coach in the world should be using it as a leading tool for helping others (and themselves).”

The Personal Peace Procedure involves making a list of every SPECIFIC EVENT in your life that bothers you---at all--and systematically using EFT to resolve them. In doing this we remove the causes of emotional and physical problems and ailments. Gary has said that this process, “propels each individual toward personal peace which, in turn, contributes mightily toward world peace.”

It is important to address unresolved specific events (and the disruption to the energy system they cause) because, according to EFT theory, most of our emotional and physical problems are due to these.

The Personal Peace Procedure can be used in a variety of ways:

1. Each day you can select one or more specific bothersome events to neutralize. In a matter of months you will experience an improvement in your self-image and overall sense of freedom and well being.

2. As a way to eliminate core issues because if you resolve all of the table legs (specific events) which support core issues they will automatically resolve as well.

3. If you are working with an EFT practitioner you can use the Personal Peace Procedure between sessions as one very good way to do your own work.

4. As a stress reducer on an “as needed” basis. EFT is very relaxing and soothing.

5. As a way to address the emotional components that may contribute to or cause serious illness.

6. To inspire others to find peace. Many of my clients who have done the Personal Peace Procedure over time have had people they know (who know nothing about EFT) comment on how much happier they are and how much less the react to stress in their environments.

Specific events are behind more generalized but very significant issues such as:

• Self-image
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Persistent insomnia
• Addictions
• Compulsions
• Feelings of abandonment
• Etc.

Resolving the disruptions in your energy system one specific event at a time will decrease internal conflict and bring about increased peace in body and mind. Gary points out that it is becoming more widely accepted that there is a link between emotions and physical well being, so removing the disruptions and experiencing greater peace may well be a way to address even serious diseases.

This is how you perform the Personal Peace Procedure:

1. Get a journal or notebook and make a list of every specific event you can remember that bothers you—at all. If you think of it write it down.

2. Give each item a title, as if you were titling a movie. For example, “Falling out of the canoe on the Guadalupe River,” “Mrs. Robinson humiliating me about my spelling in front of the whole class,” “The time my dad hit me with a belt over the way I mowed the lawn.”

3. Rate the items on the SUDS scale 0-10.

4. Begin with the specific events with the highest SUDS ratings. Apply EFT to them, one at a time, “until you either laugh about it or ‘can’t think about it any more.’” Watch for new aspects and tap those to resolution as well. Stay with each event until it is entirely resolved.

Gary says, “If you cannot get a 0-10 intensity level on a particular movie then assume you are repressing it and apply 10 full rounds of EFT on it from every angle you can think of. This gives you a high possibility for resolving it.”

5. Once you have tapped all the events with the highest SUDS rating find the events with the next highest intensity and resolve those as well.

6. Gary recommends doing one or more specific events each day (preferably three) for a period of three months (90-127 specific events). Notice the improvements in your emotions and physical body over time—and in your relationships. Go back to the memories that bothered you and notice how you can no longer get worked up about them. They may even become difficult to remember at all. Keep in mind the apex effect—if you don’t notice the improvements EFT may not receive the credit it deserves for improving your emotional and physical well being and your life.

7. If you have mental health issues please check with your mental health care provider before using the Personal Peace Procedure. If you are taking medications you need to check with your physician / health care provider before making any changes or discontinuing them.

Here are Gary’s closing words from his article on the Personal Peace Procedure:

It is my hope that the Personal Peace Procedure becomes a worldwide routine. A few minutes per day will make a monumental difference in school performance, relationships, health and our quality of life. But these are meaningless words unless others (you) put the idea into practice. I prefaced this article with a quote from my good friend, Howard Wight. I repeat it again below for emphasis...

“If you are ultimately going to do something important that will make a real difference...do it now.”

Personal Peace to all, Gary

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