Do You Have to Believe in EFT for It to Work?
by Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II, Certified EFT Practitioner

One question people frequently ask is “Do you have to believe in EFT for it to work?” The answer is a resounding “No”. Many people who have been totally skeptical of EFT but who have been willing to try it have experienced amazement as their fear goes away, or the anger that was making their blood pressure boil just fades. It has been fun to see the look on people’s faces when they realize the transformation they just experienced!

In one of the presentations I gave about EFT a man who was highly skeptical of EFT decided to try himself it on his runny nose. His nose stopped running. He was astounded and said he was going to go home and study EFT and try it on other problems. I was very glad because I knew if he would just continue to experiment he would come to understand the very great benefits EFT has to offer.

If you are skeptical about EFT I suggest you give it a try. The EFT Groups and Workshops I lead are excellent opportunities for learning EFT, and you can also download a free manual about EFT at

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