What's a "One Minute Wonder"?
by Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II, Certified EFT Practitioner

Sometimes EFT produces instantaneous successes. Founder Gary Craig refers to these as “One Minute Wonders”. These are the cases where the problem goes away very quickly. There are other cases, of course, that require more time, detective work and effort before a result is achieved.

The first time someone experiences a One Minute Wonder they are generally shocked as they are not used to getting such rapid results. As they become more familiar with EFT it is not so surprising when this happens. Examples include immediate relief of a negative emotion, or a memory of a specific event that simply no longer is bothersome.

When issues don't resolve quickly that is an opportunity to ask questions and go a little deeper, searching for the "aspects" that need to be addressed and resolved before relief can be achieved.
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