Has Science Discovered How EFT Heals?
by Kay Christopher, MA, Certified EFT Practitioner & Trainer

A lot of people want to know how EFT works. After all, tapping on acupuncture points on your face and body DOES look kind of strange, don't you think? This article is for those of you who like to know about the science behind EFT. It's a little longer than usual and a bit technical, but I think this is wonderfully exciting news worth spreading!

According to the EFT Discovery Statement, "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Another way of saying this is that if we are experiencing a negative emotion that means the acupuncture meridian system has an imbalance. When we tap on the meridian points we help rebalance it, thereby relieving the negative emotion. But what is the acupuncture system? What can science tell us about it? Does this invisible system in the body really exist?

Scientific research studies have shown the efficacy of using acupuncture for problems including physical pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, immune status, and a variety of other issues. But it has had some difficulty explaining the actual cause of improvement.  And, while the acupuncture points have been recognized by some scientists as existing (they have lower electrical impedance compared to non-meridian points as well as higher CO2 production, more biophoton emissions, and better propagation of acoustic waves), there has still been the question of what it is that is flowing through the meridians. What IS the "energy" that, when flowing properly, seems to be able to correct so many problems?

Recently I read an article that may shed light on these questions and explain scientifically the healing effects of tapping. In the 1960s a North Korean named Kim Bonghan published papers describing threadlike microscopic anatomical structures that correspond with the acupuncture meridians. They are called Bonghan channels and are considered the anatomical structure of the meridians. They include the whole meridian system. They have been found inside of blood and lymphatic vessels. They also are distributed deep inside the body all over the surface of major organs. It appears that they regenerate cells in damaged tissues via DNA granules that flow in the Bongham channels.

This discovery was confirmed by Japanese researchers in 1967, but was discounted by other scientists as Kim never revealed his formula for the staining dye he was using to reveal these structures. About 40 years have gone by, and more recently Kim's discoveries have been confirmed by a variety of studies with rats, rabbits and pigs. Stereo-microscope photographs and images from transmission electron microscopy show tubular structures 30-100 mm wide (red blood cells are 6-8 mm).

The structures are nearly transparent and are very thin. They contain a liquid that has in it hyaluronic acid which cushions and lubricates the joints, eyes, skin and heart valves.

However, what is even more interesting is that scientists think the Bonghan channels may act like fiber-optic channels, able to carry a high density of information, far beyond what the nervous system or hormones carry. This allows cells and organs to communicate. Further, biophotons may be emitted by DNA molecules producing a laser-like coherent light that flows through the Bonghan channels, serving as pathways for the information moving through them. It has been postulated that there is quantum communication in the body involving electromagnetic signals, DNA and biophotons and the discovery of Bonghan channels provides the network for this quantum communication.

Russian research has substantiated that acupuncture channels conduct light which can enter and exit only along the acupuncture points. So, it would appear that by balancing the meridians with EFT we may be allowing the light to move more freely and therefore the information as well. This may be what is causing the healing to occur. It also helps explain why EFT can help so many different problems and why we sometimes see unexpected benefits regarding issues we didn't tap on directly. We are addressing the whole meridian system when we tap, so are targeting issues in a holistic way.

To me, finding the Bongham channels and also the substantiation of the acupuncture channels conducting light also has spiritual meaning. It has been said in spiritual literature that the bridge between the world of spirit and the world of form is the breath. It seems that we are discovering yet another bridge, the light in the Bongham channels. That light is carrying information from the Divine Intelligence which creates and maintains physical forms. It would make sense that when this light and information is allowed to flow freely there would be greater physical and emotional well being. 

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I hope you have found this article informative. It is exciting that the gap between science and spirituality is getting increasingly smaller, greatly due to the advancements in quantum physics. Hopefully further research about the Bongham channels will continue to shrink that gap and help explain why something as simple as EFT is so effective.