How Can I Use EFT to Lose Weight?
by Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II, Certified EFT Practitioner

When I first started using EFT with clients about weight loss issues I didn’t know what to expect. Already I’d seen good results with many other issues. Because EFT addresses the energy system of the body it offers the possibility of positive change and I was excited to see what it offered for those wanting to lose weight.

EFT may be helpful in shifting the emotions that are the drivers for weight issues. It is not generally something that helps quickly as most people have a number of emotional issues that lead to over eating and it takes some time to address these. However, EFT may reduce or eliminate food cravings which are emotionally based and that can be very helpful when it comes to being able to have a choice about how much food is eaten.

When using EFT for weight loss there are a number of areas that can be addressed. Probably most important are your feelings about food and the emotions that underlie overeating. What is called the Discovery Statement in EFT is “The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” When you learn how to transform your emotions with EFT you may begin to have more emotional freedom, and then you begin to then have choices about your behavior that you didn’t have previously. For example, some people overeat because they are stressed about not having a significant other----or because they do have a significant other and something about that relationship is really bothering them. When you clear the emotions surrounding the specific issues about “significant other” the feelings you had no longer drive you to food. You then have a choice about when and what you eat.

Some other areas that can be addressed include: food cravings; feelings of deprivation, loneliness (emptiness), feeling of being stressed, guilt, etc.; safety issues; secondary gains (what benefit is there in keeping the extra weight?); triggers for overeating; and self-image/self-esteem issues.

In Gary Craig's DVDs he demonstrates how the craving for chocolate may be reduced or eliminated with EFT. I have used this demonstration in workshops and people who have had to eat chocolate have been pleased that it becomes a choice instead of a "must have".

Note: Before understanding how EFT works people sometimes don’t want to tap on negative statements, as they are afraid they may be “tapping them in”. But what EFT does is relieve disruptions in your energy system. If the “negative” is already there, it means there’s an energy block of some kind. Holding the negative thought in mind as you tap is what releases the disruption. Once the release happens you feel differently and have more emotional freedom and more choices in terms of behavior. To my knowledge you can’t “tap in negatives” with EFT because you are not tapping anything “in”. Instead you are releasing pre-existing blocks in the energy system.

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