EFT Client Comments

Names have been removed to protect confidentiality, however named comments can be provided on request.

"I love working with Kay and the EFT method. Kay guides me right to the point and I feel it helps me find resolutions faster and easier than on my own. Her patience and professionalism are priceless."

"Kay, I know you didn't invent EFT, but your commitment, passion and expertise in bringing EFT to me has been a powerful and profound gift. Thank you. EFT has and continues to change my life, and what a wonderful life it is!"

"Thank you so much for your help. After our session I felt as if the world was lifted off my shoulders."

"I practice EFT as you taught me almost daily with remarkable results and my move to Santa Fe is the amazing outcome. Kay, I am in deep gratitude to you! "

"As you know, I am searching for a new job. Had a nice 1-hour interview with a whole team of people. When they called and said they'd hired someone else at first I was unhappy but I started doing EFT. Thought you'd like to know about my use of EFT in the post job interview situation. It really helped a bunch!"

"Your experience and professionalism, spirituality and sense of humor allows for exceptional EFT presentations. It's been my privilege to observe the energy in a room full of EFT participants change to a higher vibrational frequency as a result of your down-to-earth connection with each person as a valued and important human being."

"Many thanks for your guidance, patience, and commitment to service. Your love for your work and compassion for others was evident in every session. Your commitment to each of us gaining value from our work together made the journey into the unknown, an excellent, rewarding adventure. Thank you for who you are and for what you provide for others."

"Thank you for all your guidance and insight and for helping me get rid of some of my "pollution" so I can live more freely as my authentic self!"

"I really enjoyed the EFT Small Group Series and am grateful for having the chance to participate. Thank you for facilitating and assisting us in learning and applying the EFT techniques. You have an intuitive ability to make the appropriate statements to help uncover the deeper issues. Thanks again and I hope to be part of another group very soon. Until then I will keep tapping."


"I attended Kay's Level 1 workshop yesterday. I have been a client of Kay's for over 18 months now but this one day workshop brought together so much of what Kay has told me week after week - hearing it all in one context (and perhaps hearing it objectively and not in a personal session) seemed to make it click into place for me. This is rather funny but I haven't been good at tapping every day so when Kay recommended (strongly) that we tap like crazy every day for at least the next three days I vowed to do that. Well, this morning I really didn't want to go out and do my long run and I was just feeling sluggish and feeling the residuals of a migraine. So, I decided to tap on that and I simply said "I really don't want to go for a run today" as my reminder phrase. I have to tell you that this was the best run I've ever had. I did the first 3.1 miles faster than I ever have since I've been back to running (about 6 months now). I knocked FIVE minutes off my usual time for a 3.1 miles. I was amazed. But I also had 4-5 more miles to go so the skeptic in me thought "well, it's just because it's cool today" - however, I really knew better. Then I started to get the usual pain I get in my quad. So, I decided to use the finger tapping while I was running. That worked too and it was easy to do! I was amazed again. Each time I had a pain or felt like my energy level was zapped, I tapped on it on my fingers. And my energy level improved and whatever pain I had decreased, moved or disappeared. I ran 8 miles faster than I had 7 miles last week. EFT works if you do!

Oh, and I have to thank my classmates too. The energy took awhile to get from Texas to Boston but when I left the workshop the Yankees were losing 9-0. Once I got in the car they began an amazing comeback and by the time I was back in San Antonio they had won 15-9! How's that for surrogate tapping?

I can't recommend Kay and this workshop highly enough! Thank you Kay."

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