How Can I Use EFT to Create More Abundance?
by Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II, Certified EFT Practitioner

What does it mean to create more “abundance” in your life? For one person it may mean more wealth, for another it may mean improving relationships, for another it may mean improving their health, and for yet another it may mean having deeper spiritual experiences. Abundance means more of what makes your life pleasurable and meaningful.

Scientists have been discovering that, at a quantum level, we live in a vibrating “ocean” of energy and information that contains unlimited potential. And those of us that have been experimenting with the creative power of thought have been learning that we can affect that ocean of energy and information with emotion and intention. It is as if everything we want already exists, and if we release the blocks in our energy system we open up the flow so that more good can come towards us. Does that seem a little far out? I used to think so, but have been experiencing positive results with such frequency in my own life that I have become open to the idea that we are energetically influencing our experience of life, either consciously or unconsciously. I have come to understand that the universe is inherently generous, loving and abundant, and when we get rid of “energy blocks” with EFT good things seem to come toward us, sometimes at great speed.

For example, I recently worked with an artist who was experiencing a great deal of frustration about the process of painting. Sometimes it went well, but other times many hours of work would result only in paintings that had to be scrapped. I asked him to bring a painting that he didn’t like with him when he came for his EFT session. It was a painting that had been for sale on the internet for some months. I actually liked the painting, and asked the artist why he thought it had not sold. He said the painting was too dark, and he just didn’t care for it. I put it aside on a chair and promptly forgot about it, never referring to it while we did EFT.

We used EFT to clear the artist’s frustration about the unsatisfactory paintings that he had recently made and also tapped on some deeper related issues (details are left out for purposes of confidentiality). The artist felt much better, much relieved. Just before he walked out the door I held the painting he didn’t like in front of him so he could see it, and I asked, “How do you feel about this painting now?”

He said it was very odd, but the painting no longer bothered him. He thought it was fine. And I said, “Well then, I think this painting will sell soon.”

Someone bought the painting over the internet three hours later. It had been for sale for months. Now, this could be coincidence, however since using EFT I have seen too many amazing synchronicities for them all to be chalked off to coincidence. And many of my EFT students would tell you the same thing.

What is the key? In EFT terminology it is “clearing the blocks in your energy system” on a given subject. It means resolving limiting emotions which leads to shifts in thinking and changes in beliefs—and possibly, as a consequence, changes in the ocean of energy and information.

Now, I know for some of you reading this you are thinking to yourselves this is entirely too far out. I thought so, too, at one time. But my experiences and the evidence I see with clients are extremely convincing and intriguing; and I am now fascinated with experimenting and with exploring the possibilities further. Maybe you will be, too!