What is "Psychological Reversal" and How Can You Correct It?
by Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II, Certified EFT Practitioner

The theory with EFT is that the energy system in your body is made of subtle electric circuits. If these circuits are subjected to electrical interference the balancing and healing effect of the EFT tapping procedure (and many other healing modalities) can be blocked. This interfering blockage, which in EFT is called Psychological Reversal (PR), takes the form of a “polarity reversal” within your energy system.

To explain, imagine that you have a battery operated lantern, such as a Coleman lantern used for camping. If you take the batteries out and reverse them, then reinstall them and try to turn the light on you won’t have much luck. The light can’t come on because the required electrical connection is not in place. This is just an analogy, but our bodies are much the same. When our electrical system has an interfering blockage (PR), we can’t “turn on the lights” with EFT.

PR is estimated to affect about 40% of the population. It is typically present where there is self-defeating behavior and chronic negative thinking, and may be especially common in the case of addictions, chronic illness and depression. However, a person can be Psychologically Reversed and have no absolutely clue that they are. Since the statistical likelihood of PR being present is fairly high, the correction for PR is used routinely prior to the EFT tapping sequence just to make sure the electric circuits are “lined up”. The correction is easy to do and takes only seconds to perform.

While correcting PR is important for all of my clients, it is particularly rewarding to see the immediate benefits for those who have negative habit patterns they just can’t seem to break, such as smoking, over eating, or procrastinating. They may have been trying to change their attitudes and actions for weeks, months, or even years without success and they blame themselves for their failures. However, once we correct PR and get them tapping sometimes a whole new world begins to open up for them. They report feeling lighter and having more energy. The “lack of motivation and will power” and “self-sabotage” they have been living with no longer have power over them, and they start to make progress where once there was only failure. It’s very exciting to watch this happen. And clients are able to apply EFT themselves so that they can use on it whatever issue come up in their lives.

Correcting PR and tapping not only also helps with mood and health (such as negative emotional states, fears, emotions that cause physical discomfort, procrastination, self-sabotage, etc.). It also helps to improve performance in sports, at school, at work, in creative endeavors (such as writing, painting, playing musical instruments) and in public speaking.

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